Development and marketing.

To sale online you have to create an easy and technologically advanced digital store, but you need to be able to promote it in the right communication channels.

Would you open a store of 2.000mq in an isolated street? We can take care to open the store and how to populate the street.

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Logistic and Customer care.

The management of the logistic is one of the most important aspects to start successfully an online store.

The efficiency of an e-commerce starts from the warehouse management.

Deilverti has the experience to manage the customer care supply chain, with a staff of persons devoted to handle any issue.

If a client make an order, itìs very important that the package is ready in a short time to be shipped.

We can handle it.

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Which courier to ship with? Which are the cost? How to manage the international shipments? What about the mark?
How does the tracking work? We already asked ourselves about that, you will only have the answers.

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Half of italian companies only export less than 100.000€ per year of merchandise abroad.
We believe that we have the ability to do much more. Everywhere and everyone like the Italian products, but could be difficult ordered them if you are not organized.
We can deliver them to your client around the world (even in Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu, New Zealand).

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